OYA Structure

“Our Lord Jesus Christ has given us a task to continue the great work of redemption of men and women.  It is uniquely towards this goal that we must direct all our efforts.”  (Mazenod 1817)

Living this Mission and sharing the Oblate Charism is something that all Baptised have the opportunity to be part of.  To be a Member of Oblate Youth Australia (OYA) is not just about participating in the Oblate work, but participating in the Oblate Charism.  Both elements have the potential to be found together but it is not necessarily that way.

Participation in the Oblate Charism cannot be imposed, and it is not automatic.  It is a response to a vocation, which comes from the Spirit.

Many young people in our community live the Oblate Charism, OYA Membership is an opportunity to name and celebrate this reality.  It places a responsibility on both the Oblates and Young people to participate in mutual formation in the Oblate Charism and exploring of the way to live this reality in our contemporary world.

Members of OYA are invited by the Oblates to:

  • accept the call of Jesus Christ, to follow him and share his mission
  • recognise that you are precious and of great value in the eyes of Jesus Christ and to accept a living relationship with him through a life of prayer and lived gospel values
  • announce, especially to those whom the gospel touches least, the liberating message of Jesus Christ, a message that frees the world of it's deepest anxieties and fears
  • build a vibrant faith community where people have a sense of belonging and are for one another
  • discern the urgent needs of the church and the world from within this community
  • entrust your life and work to Mary, our loving mother, and to St Eugene

organisational structure

National Director - Fr. Christian Fini OMI
The National Director is appointed by the Provincial of the Australian Province of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate.

OYA Project Officer - Emma Rice
Employed by the Provincial of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate in consultation with the National Director and the National Coordination team. The Project Officer may not hold any other volunteer positions within Oblate Youth Australia. 

National Coordinators
National Coordinators are appointed by the National Director after consultation with the current National Coordinators for a negotiated term. At all times there will be a minimum of 2 National Coordinators. There are currently 6 National Coordinators (Matthew Pilcher, Hayley Chapman, Vanessa Ashokkumar, Tishan Lokuge, Edward Bartels & Jason D'Rozario). 

The National Coordination team meets regularly with the National Director & OYA Project Officer to plan for the future of Oblate Youth Australia and to discuss the present state of OYA and to develop a vision for the next three years. 

You can view the National Coordinator Role description here.

Local Member
All those who identify with the Oblate charism in the context of the Catholic church and who choose to live this out by regular participation through Oblate Youth Australia. 

Oblates of Mary Immaculate
As living witnesses of the charism, Oblates are encouraged to participate in and support all activities of Oblate Youth Australia and to encourage the awareness of faith and Oblate charism and spirituality in a formal or informal manner. 

Oblates who are directly linked with a local community, are encouraged and welcome to participate in Oblate Youth activities at the local level. 

OYA Life Member
An OYA Life Member is a member of the OYA community who has shown an extraordinary example and service to the OYA community. A Life Member requires nomination by an existing OYA member, the nomination seconded by a different member; and must be unanimously accepted by the National Coordination team. 

To view the criteria, nominate or see our current list of Life Members, click here.