OYA Vision

The vision of OYA is shaped by our motto- “Through the eyes of Christ we see the world”.

The motto reminds us that our challenge, like the community at Pentecost, is to look beyond ourselves.  Our vision must be Christ’s vision.  The way we approach all things must be the way Christ would.  Our challenge is to make this vision a reality beyond ourselves; in our families, our school and parish communities and the world beyond.”
(Fr Christian Fini, Homily for the Feast of Pentecost, May 2005)

The motto draws inspiration from Luke’s Gospel; “Blessed are the eyes which see what you see!”
(Luke 10:23)

St Eugene De Mazenod, founder of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, encouraged his Oblate communities, and in turn those they served, to grow by first becoming more human, then becoming Christian and ultimately becoming saints.  “Through the eyes of Christ…we see the world,” taken from the Constitution and Rules of the Oblates, originally written by St Eugene, captures a similar challenge. Through our journey together on the National Encounters, through oblateyouth.com or at a local level, we seek to discover the richness of our humanity, our gifts and talents, to be conscious of “who we are in the eye of God.” (St Eugene)  This ‘new consciousness,’ renews and strengthens our understanding of Christ’s relationship with us, allowing us to accept, that, moved through the Holy Spirit we are the living presence of Christ in our world today. In becoming more Christ-like we see the realities of our world, mother earth, other people, and challenges we face, as Christ would – with compassion, with love, with truthfulness, and with hope.

What would the world look like if we all saw it through the eyes of Christ?
Oblate Youth Australia cannot change the world, but by sharing in a common dream to become a living witness of God on earth, that is ‘living saints,’ we change both ourselves and the part of the world in which we live.

Oblate Youth Australia Framework

Oblate Youth Australia Motto - “Through the eyes of Christ we see the world”

A personal invitation from St Eugene De Mazenod, a model for our times:

"To leave nothing undared for the Kingdom of God "  (St Eugene de Mazenod)

The Oblates invite you:

  • To accept the call to Jesus Christ, to follow him and share in his Mission.
  • To recognise that you are precious and of great value in the eyes of Jesus Christ and to accept a living relationship with him through a life of prayer and lived gospel values.
  • To announce, especially to those whom the gospel touches least, the liberating message of Jesus Christ, a message that frees the world of its deepest anxieties and fears.
  • To build a vibrant faith community where people have a sense of belonging and care for one another. 
  • To discern the urgent needs of the Church and the world from within this community.
  • To entrust your life and work to Mary, our loving mother, and to St Eugene de Mazenod.